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- in memoriam -

On Wednesday March 20th Steve Wright, well known within the UK movie effects industry for his work on The Harry Potter films, the Star Wars prequels and all the recent Star Wars movies, lost his battle with depression.

He was 48 years old and is survived by his wife and two young children.

Steve was hugely popular and an excellent animatronic engineer working within the SFX and CFX departments. He was also a model maker and brilliant problem solver, who could always be relied upon to deliver on a seemingly impossible deadline whilst still making time to help those around him, maintaining a warmth and humour that made the task at hand more enjoyable for everybody involved.

He had a unique understanding of Practical effects and tackled some of the most challenging creature builds we have seen on movie screens within the last 10 years, while still diligently supporting the team.

Whether on location, in the middle of the desert or in the workshop the night before a shoot, he was the one person you wanted in your corner and his generosity and kindness will be sorely missed, not only by his close friends and family but throughout the UK effects industry as a whole. 


Many people who knew and worked with Steve have been in touch to offer help for his family at what is obviously a devastating time for them all, and so with their blessing we have set up this page to help with the immediate financial issues and those that will inevitably follow.

So, whether you knew or worked with Steve, or are a fan of the many creatures and effects that he helped to bring to the screen, please help as much as you can and share this page with anyone else who might like to help.

For more information about depression and its effects, causes & treatments please visit MIND’s website:




Please feel free to leave comments and messages here in memory of Steve

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